Missing Time

Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects

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Close encounters of the forth kind are by far the most frightening abductions of human beings by aliens. According to those who claim to have been

abducted, they're transported by a beam of light aboard a space craft; set up on an examination table surrounded by strange creatures, probed and prodded as

tissue and fluid samples are taken; and then returned to the point from which they were abducted. Most often with little or no recollection of what

happened. The one thing they know for certain is that minutes, even hours have passed that they can't account for. This form of amnesia is known as missing


The first months, I couldn't seem to grasp, those black moments, holding me in a state of loss. Until one day, when it all caught up on me. After that, I

worked real hard for years at suppressing all abduction memories. Now that I remember it all, I'm scared to death almost all the time. I know they'll be

coming back for me again. They always come back.