I'm Awake

Frank Barile

I'm awake

Woke up in a random room

I think I woke up too soon

I confess

That this world don't feel like mine

I feel dead and so does time

Once we've woken up

From the prison of the womb

We are given to her arms

Strangers to this room

I can breathe

But I know life's not lived with ease

So get off your dirty knees

And wake up

For all we know may be a lie

When the body goes the soul may also die

So are we hanging on

To anything at all?

If there's nothing to hold but faith

There's nothing to do but fall

I can't relate

I'm too fucked up to understand

But I can offer you my hand

So hold on

Cause there is no master plan

Is it possible that God was born of man?

Don't be afraid to live

For everything you're worth

Everything you are is yours

From the day you're born to Earth

I'm awake

And I am all I need to be

And I am nothing if I'm not free

I can't sleep

When you mean everything to me

And no fiction will ever take that away from me

There is no way to know

What'll happen when we die

But I'll say it now that art is where the human spirit lies