We're Going All Night (you Make Me High)


Bring that break funk

Cos I'm here giving what you want

like spread got time to stop got

Time to peel back the roof on my new drop top

The day looking good to me

got girls wanna know cause I freak like jodeci

Besides that let's get with the ground

Wanna hear that again then press rewind


If you wanna get with me

you've gotta let go baby

if you wanna get with me


I don't know what it is but you make me high

A burning feeling that starts inside

It really doesn't matter who's wrong or right

We can go all night, we're going all night

Base vibration

Check it out when my rhyme began

I'll drop my rhyme upon this beat

And make you people move your feet

Everybody from the front to the back c'mon

Feel the rhythm when I bounce the track

I've gotta hit that, don't wanna sit back

I really wanna see your hands could I get that c'mon