Kiss The Clown

Enuff Z'nuff

I'm gonna tease my hair,

I'm gonna get my new suit on.

Check my little black book,

See who'll be the lucky one.

Four-star Rosy gets to have me

All night long.

But she gets too friendly

When the hanky panky is done.

But then she hangs out in my town,

And she tries to track me down.

She always wants to stick around,

Kiss the clown!

Hop in my car,

Take off for the cash station,

To get more money

To boost my reputation.

It's ladies' night at the bar,

I make a reservation.

I let the girls all buy me drinks,

That's instigation.

But then her eyes get big and brown,

and her words all marriage-bound.

But when I love you comes around,

Kiss the clown!

This ain't no romance, pretty baby.

Kiss the clown!

Oh, don't get stuck on me, honey.

Kiss the clown!

Bend over baby, this ain't love!

Kiss the clown!