Honeysuckle Blue

Drivin 'N' Cryin

Feel the southern breezes

and the southern wind

blowin' down around this

dying land

D'Agostino's late last night I saw

a boy fifteen on the road

nothing in the pocket

his hand to the sky

nowhere else to go

Can you see it

or believe it

what's beyond east orange

and farther yet

come with me

I'll show you where the

dogwood's bloom it's true

lost n' found n' lost again

to the

Honeysuckle Blue

runnin' through these

caverns of gold

runs a river of death indeed

an old hotel serves as a

shelter for children

of the street

abandoned by the promised land

set sail on your own

how much longer

will the well

be dry for those

who roam

i got a ticket

in my pocket

to send the corner man

he's never been

have you ever seen the

blue ridge mountains boy

or the chatahoochee

to the Honeysuckle Blue