Who's Gonna Get Me Over You

Darryl Worley

When she walked out on me you hung around

Said you couldn't stand to see me going down

And that someday I'd forget all about her in time

You were right she's the last thing on my mind

Now you say that since I'm feeling strong again

You're leaving and you'll always be my friend

Thanks to you, I know now what love is all about

There's just one little thing that you left out


Who's gonna get me over you

Who'll take your place like you took hers

And pull me through

You got me over her when she left

Just like you said you'd do

But tell me who's gonna get me over you

You put together all she tore apart

But somewhere along the way I lost my heart

You had me believing I could make it on my own

Right up to the moment you were gone