LadyD'AngeloAlbum: Brown Sugar1-You're my lady, you're my lady You're my lady, you're my ladyDon't think I don't see them looking at yaAll of them wishing they could have yaAnd as a matter of fact, uhA bunch of them are itching for you to scratch 'emI'm tired of hiding what we feelI'm trying to get with the realAnd I'm-a gonna make it known 'cause I want them to know(repeat 1)You're my little baby, my darling babyI swear you are the talk of the townAnd everybody wants to know what's going downBabe, I know they've seen us beforeMaybe at the liquor storeOr maybe at the health food standThey don't know that I'm your man(rpt 1)I can tell they're looking at usI pick you up everyday from your jobAnd every guy in the parking lot Wants to rob me of my girl, and my heart and soulAnd everybody wants to treat me so coldBut I know I love you and you love meThere's no other lover for you or meYou're my ladyBridge (Ad lib)You're my lady, my divine ladyYou're my lady, such a wonderful ladyI can tell they're looking at usRepeat to fadeSource: