Joyful Noise

Clinton Fearon & The Boogie Brown Band

Make a joyful noise

Let's disturb the devil

Let's make a joyful noise

And shame the devil

Make a joyful noise

Them say we a rebel

Make a joyful noise

For the soul is incredible

Let me here you say

Waa-ay oh... x4

Riddle me this riddle me that

Guess this riddle and perhaps not

Whether I'm flush

Whether I'm flat

Who can tell me where it's at

If you don't know

Don't burst your brain

Cause every day is very much the same

Sometimes coffee and sometimes tea

Sometimes sun and sometimes rain

Satan is out for you and me

He's playing a very unfair game

But when all is said and done

He's got nothing to gain

Waa-ay oh... x4

(repeat 2nd verse)

Waa-ay oh... x4