Saw yuh standin there lookin real fine.

Started thinkin other ways to mek yuh mine.

So impressed with your flex got a contest.

If a little trickin wont be bad.

Sippin on your vodka yuh lookin so good.

Mek mi wanna give up some I think I know

You would like it if I flap some flirty.

Looks your way start actin dutty

Like gyal in heat bwoy can yuh say freaky.

If yuh gimme da chance mi mek yuh melt like sleet. Gee weez mek yuh say please han cuf yuh

To my bed an throw away di keys.


Boy I need that honey,

I gotta get that honey,

I be yuh play boy bunny,

Pay yuh ransom money to get at that honey,

Oh I need that honey,

I gotta get that honey,

I'll pay yuh ransom money

Be your play boy bunny

To get at that honey.


Yuh got me thinkin nasty,

Good girls gone wild an trashy,

If yuh think yuh get my drink den flash mi.

I'll wear my birthdate suit

While yuh watch mi, come wid it.

So pon yuh door mi knockin

So open up an mek wi start di dockin.

Excess amount a love a when mi cockin.

Cd have a ya so baby wont yuh lock in, come wid it.

No even haffi know yuh name jus write down yuh number.

Tell mi where yuh live an bad gyal will come over. Get mi secrets from victoria.

Can't wait fi get a hol a yuh.

Yuh know mi have di grip fi control a yuh.




Now, okay