Change Z



Can't you see what I've been thru

Cuz I wann be with you

Baby don't you wanna be with me

Changez I've been going thru, cuz I wanna be with you

Baby don't you wanna be with me

Verse 1:

Listen up mek mi read out di application

Fi see a which DJ can run mi programme

Cuz I'm in the mood and mi vibe it strong

So whose gonna be the lucky one

Bell, Bounty Killer too stiff so him caan position

Mi nuh see whey gal a run dung pon Elephant Man

Bwoy kinda cute me nuh trust Baby Cham

Too much bobo spar wid Capleton

Now just di odda day mi did a scope wid Mr. Lex

But mi go tear off di shirt and mi sight chicken chest

General crash di van so wi caan mek nuh flex

An' mi fraid a di one Merciless

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:

Mi love Beenie Man but him body look weak

Wuss mi and carlene mouth nuh fi meet

Mr. Bombastic Shaggy too sweet

An' me nuh tink Spragga Benz cyan dweet

Mi Love hot bwoy but matterhorn too hype

Rory could a wuk but him waan little height

Big belly sky juice an nuh really my type

Yo rolex auh pants too tight

Mi nuh waan Saaba cuz him a look a wife

Caan sing Jennifer Lopez tune all a mi life

Ninjaman free but him nah get a slice

Mi nuh want im stalk mi wid knife

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:

Buju him long lacka any light post

Mi nuh waan bring out di duppy inna Ghost

Sorry English but yuh voice too coarse

Lawd di one firelinks love boast

Zebra coulda neva even hold mi hand

Lawd what a yute look like leprechaun

Woulda rather mek a flex wid Jack-A-Diamond

But mi nuh want him fi mi husband

Everything cris yo mi nah di no one

Whole a wi a friends, so wi still can jam

Love so nice, yo Junior Kelly wrong

Listen up mek mi sing dis yah song