Trio' Pain

Caroline's Spine

She said, "who answered the phone?

i dont understand, i thought youd be alone


I said, "the girl who lives here,

said the band could stay if we bought the


she said, "i dont like the sound of that,

tell me what she looks like - thing or fat?"

i said, "uh...i cant really say,

what does it matter anyway?"

i said, "it's good to hear your voice,

i really do miss you but we made the right


she said, "i hope you're eating well and

living here w/o you is living through


i said, "...well i may be home early

it'll be a few days till i know for surely"

"shirley! Is that her name?

is she in love and do you feel the same?"

no, i dont feel the same


i cannot find a way to make peace with

you today.

so where will we be tomorrow?

so i busted my ass to make it home and

when i got there - she wasnt alone

she said, "you're home so soon.

i didnt get a chance to clean the room."

I said, "...forget this house...

road cheese calls both man and mouse."

she said, "dont end it this way.

i really did miss you everyday

...well...almost every way."