Sweet 'n' Sour

Caroline's Spine

I have a friend

shes been a good friend

of mine for some time

says she has a friend

whos fallin' for me

she likes the way i rhyme my word

and in the end

my best friend says she wants a piece of

me too....

i have a friend,

he says hes a friend of mine for some


says his girlfriend has a thing for me

and they'd like to work me

in the end

he said hed like to know if i think about

her too

what am i to do...


sweet n sour bushes? strike my sweet n

sour bushes. strike

i have a friend,

hes much older than me and hes still


says he has a friend on the floor above

shes a widow in doubt and headed for

her end

she said shed like a young man w/

energy for two....

what am i to do w/ my


i had a friend,

shed been a friend since childhood

said she wouldnt beg

for my love to come around he true

and in the end

i couldnt have saved her anyway....