F*** You


[Featuring Mase]


B I'm feeling it from the heart now B.

Yo straight up yo this Murder Harlem World is the clique

I'm with my nigga Killer and we bout to lay it down 4 y'all niggaz

All yall faggot ass niggaz out there that wouldn't give us $300

dollars for

the tape

To make a demo F*** YALL NIGGAZ!

All y'all bitches that wouldn't suck my dick when I was Mason Betha


And all yall bitches that wanna F*** my nigga*

Huddy Combs cuz he roll wid me, F*** YALL BITCHES!!!

All y'all niggaz that F***ed around and made my nigga Blood can't be


Poppin' on niggaz, mayn, F*** YALL NIGGAZ!!

*background chorus starts, goes all throughout song until noted


Background chorus:

Aaah, oooh.

F*** you, F*** you!


This goes out to Mr. F***in' Russell

Who never let me gamble or play numbers, you always talkin' bout

I'm F***in' too young

And what about that F***in', that F***in' transit cop

Who was there every time I had to F***in' hop the train

Wanted to play like he F***in' ran the whole station

Like he, like he had to run the whole F***in' shift

Also yeah, yah...

To the teacher who failed me

To the bitch who never bailed me, yah, you thought I wasn't getting


right, bitch?!

Well now, I got out, F*** you!!

Plus she never gave me no bread

Plus she never gave me no head

And that pussy was soooo wack

It was wack, B. Yo, F*** you!

Yeah, you thought I wouldn't go pro

But now I'm F***in' yo' hoe!!

HaHa!! F*** you!!

But I know these, these bitches wanna say ' F*** these niggaz', too,