i slept all day i slept all night, jus dreamin on u!
holdin on my pillow, wishin it was uu
what can i do

i cant stop thinkin offf uu
do u feel the samme 2?
holdin onto love, what can i doo!
coz all there is is u!


im dreamin (dreeeeamin)
all day and night
im dreamin (dreeeeamin)
of u face thats in my sight oh yeahh! x 2

i held on tight jus to get on by
dreamin of u
holdin on to the love in sight
but.. what can i dooo ohhhhh!


i cant stop thinkin of uuu
do u feel the same 22?
holdin onto love what can i do?
coz when all there is is u!


im dreamin (dreeeamin)
all day and niiiight
im dreamin (dreeeeamin)
of your face that is in sight oh yeahh x2

ive been waitin so long
for the love i felt was strong!
holdin on tight
coz your all that is in my sigggggggghttttttt!
oh yeaaaah yeaaaaahhhwhat can i do?

chrous x3

im just dreamin of uuuuu!

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