It's All Over

Buju Banton

Girls in supply, Buju Banton expressing his feelings

Look at the action of the girls

Lord have mercy, I am getting excited


Woman are mashing up to town

From the head to the ground

And the men are rejoicing

It's all over

She's on the starting line

Now they're off

If you stop to look you will see everyone at last

It is the sweetness of your body that makes you excel

The girl up front, she won't last

Flourishing, nourishing, everything else

The ragamuffin could ever want

Men are craving for your body

They think it must be some glue

They tell their girlfriends they have left them


I can't tell you how much I want you, right now

I'm coming to get you, serious talk now

You could barricade the door or your father could

Be guarding you with a 404 rifle

The rest of my life I will devote

Let's go make a martimonal house

Woman every groove and every angle fit

It must be aerobic class

I can imagine what it would be like with you


Do it when you're young, you can't wait til youre older

Tell the girl to move, get out of the way

All the things you have expensive

Buju Banton is speaking and the world is crowed

The girl is being used and not seen any results after

Men using women like how they use plaster

Look how the girls wrecking the corner

What Buju Banton say...hea hea


Repeat all verses

Look at the girl moving in the center

Wiggling, jiggling all over

Men are after you body like termite to lumber

The amount of men you want is more than number

Sho Buju us here and it's a Drama