When It's Sleepy Time Down South

Billie Holiday

Homesick, tired, all alone in a big city

Why should eveybody pity me?

Nighttime falling, and I'm yearning for Virginia

Hospitality within ya calls me

Pale moon shining on the fields below

Folks are crooning songs soft and low

Need not tell me so,

Because I know it's sleepy time down south

Softs winds blowing thru the pinewood trees

Folks down there live a life of ease

When the twilight brings the evening breeze

It's sleepy time down south

Steamboats on the river, a coming, a going

Splashing the night away

Hear those banjos ringing,

The folks are all singing

They dance till break of day

Dear old Southland with its dreamy songs

Takes back there where I belong

I'll find heaven in my mothers arms

When it's sleepy time down south

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