Who's The 'g'

BG Knocc Out & Dresta


Yeah, I sit back and ask myself

A question, y'know what i'm sayin

Nigga who's the G

Is it him, is it me

[BG Knocc Out]

Who's the G

Is it him, him or me

I can tell you blind to the facts

So you can not see

But you better recognise

Whats infront of your eyes

Putting the mash down on these bustas in 9-5

Nigga, Compton style

How you like me now

If you can't fade these bustas

Then you better run the town

You thinks, when I was raised

I was never taught to fight fair

Blew up and grew up to be your worst nightmare

Nigga I thought you knew

That I wasn't the o-n-e, been bangin

And givin up the hood since 83

Did my first drive by, when I was only 8

And when I turned 9, got in my first high speed chase

In the blew out, rock

I had the cops on my jock

Cos I was poppin shots

At niggas on the next block

Mark ass niggas is kinda bad for my health

Next time you get a chance, ask yourself, nigga

[Chorus X4]

Who's the G, the K-N-O-double C, O-U-T

So keep askin, and i'mma keep blastin

[BG Knocc Out]

Comin with that real

Ain't no fakin or shakin

Unlike these other punk motherfuckers perpatraitin

Like they dogs and hogs

And got the balls of a trojan

But they get outta Dodge

When they see me rollin

Up they street

Got the heat sittin on the front seat

Niggas peep the BG

And they begin to meet they fate

Gettin ghost, cos they know

That the gangsta be fucked with

Cos when it's time to ride

I'm tearing up shit

Makin hits like the mob

Quick to get the job done

A superb hoodlum

These thirds, like the good son

Come, come

Watch a nigga get done, diddy, done

I told you, that you can't get none

You silly bum

Stay down

You can't deal, with the real

So chill

Take a look into the eyes of a nigga that kill

No i'm not from Illtown

But i'm down, with Naughty