I'll See Your Heart And I'll Raise You Mine

Bell X1

What's with the angel
and what's with the devil
They keep swapping shoulders
and I can't tell which from which
"Will you be my Kriskindle?
Will you be my better nature?"
says one to the other
But I think they're only showing off

I caught them play poker
and I think it was the devil who said
"I'll see your heart
and I'll raise you mine"

Yea, they keep swapping shoulders
I think there's something going on
"Will you be my sweet pea?
Will you be the card up my sleeve?"
says one to the other
and this time they hold their gaze
for too long

Now they're playing poker
and this time it's the angel who says
"I'll see your heart
and I'll raise you mine"

This is the story of the angel
who played poker with the devil
in the Garden of Eden
before it all went pear shaped

They said
"I'll see your heart