That's What Tha Pimpin's There For

Baby Bash

[Money mike]
ladies and gentleman this is ya friendly pimp representative kat williams aka money motha fuckin mike. please do not get the game crossed up, in order for you not to get tossed up, wether or not you are flossed up, it is neccesary in every pimps life to get flossed up

hey sugafree why roxy jock'n
probly because she dont want you to know she got caught watchin a parrot fuck a carrot of some of that oxy cotton
she said one time at band camp she was a rat
and sold girl scout cookies lyin flat on her back
one day i was in the middle of some sucka duckin
got tired of throwin my hood up at this trick
bust up like it was nothin
i met her out the blue sky, i truly neva knew why
but kept it pimpin in that ora she love me cuz im to fly

cuz im the only kinda man that she'll eva understand because thats what the pimpins there for
she rather deal with a mack and keep her flat on her back because thats what the pimpins there for

can u believe this
first thing fly out her mouth talkin bout i woulda told
bitch u wouldnt a told them niggas shit
you know u love her up
actin like ats all g 14 classified
man all that bullshits a cover up
you wouldnt believe that bitch used to be a fuckin custodian
thats what i get for lovin shit
sincerely yours suga free and thank you for nothin


sippin on that good bombay
writin these raps checkin traps all day
spittin real butta stay away from parkay
ask me what i do man i pimp and parlay
whats really though

i wouldnt care if she smoked dope shot rope aor chased a billy goat
but u dont hear me though
paint her red
u need to pray and repent
she might be ya girlfriend yeah but she my trim
and i aint payin respects im just takin the checks
and beat the shit outa buff niggas fakin the flex
we keep it A O B....all on baby
yall pay for puss man yall so crazy
ya trick harder than the N B A
and got mad when ya B's got sent my way
cuz u in love with yaself and she in love with ya wealth
and wanna grin while she still fuckin everyone else
but she aint got no manners or self esteem
if i push the right buttons i could sell her a dream
and yall still poppin collars imma dust my kicks
while yall still go to clubs and handcuff yo bitch


suga free and baby bash talkin

i betta boss up

NIGGA! go bring me some churches chicken with jalepenos and ????

i betta boss up

look dont know me, till u blow me....nigga

i betta boss up

dont be a girl ????? for this dog to lick

i betta boss up

hey bash, call fred wreck and tell him about the time he put the chick in the scissors

i once put a chisck in a gilatine choke
made her steal some new shoes and get me some dough
and this aint no studio shit
how u think them ugly cats get a beautiful bitch
and i just call em how i see em
from the a.m to the p.m
its young baby bash from the hustle mozileum
i spit cash, i spit cash
i put a hoe on the track in iraq

CHORUS till end