Don't Blame It On Me

B. Legit Featuring E-40

[E 40] Youse a fool. You sound like you fin to earl

They can have all the armor but that calm doesn't harm

Chorus One: E 40

Double cross the game and get yo' head to' off

Disrespect the game ya get yo' head to' off

Your faulty bitches main? A getcha head to' off

Fuck with my riches main? And getcha head to' off beittch!

[B Legit]

I'm erog enous most dog in this

Dark brown like a clot, but now I'm saucy

Hoes toss me they number like an alley-oop

But I slam it in the trash, if she ain't got, ass and loot

Shoot, it's all mine in the nine sizzle

Pistol still fizeal fine, direct hits make em retire

I ain't no liar, I put it on my flow

Niggaz fuck around, they get they head to' off


What's up? They disrespect us

Them fools ain't tryin to fight no wars

You talkin about bang bang

That's the way this shit gonna go

Just let your balls hang

Don't think about just do it

Cause when you think about it

Before you know it, you blew it

I ain't got shit to lose

No mercy nigga, no sarges

Get your rowdy boys

Do it today not tomorrow

Check your inventory

Make sure you got enough ammo

It's self-explanitory

Don't let em blow out the candle, biotch!


Chorus Two: E-40

Think about it 'fore you pop that shit

Cause if they find you witcha crew, they pack split

Don't blame it on me (4X)

(repeat all 2X)


You came up sixteen

Interest is fast

She'll still serve everybody

for the cash