That's All I Want

Az Yet

take it from me... you're gonna be in love
just give yourself some time... you're in a shaky frame of mind
take it from me... that everyone's not that way
just out to break your heart... so baby, don't fall apart

i know that it hurts sometimes
but girl if you let me ride... i'll make you feel the way you want
i'll make you feel like you're in love
don't want you to compromise
we can just take our time... whatever makes you feel you're loved
thats all i want

take it from me... you're gonna love someone
i can see it in your eyes... somebody's gotta treat you right
take it from me... your life is bound to change
he'll never, ever break your heart... you'll never have to feel that pain


you have a tendency to blame things on yourself
has it not occured to you that it may be someone else?
there is an urgency to change the way you feel... well i'm here to make the
way for you
girl, you're not by yourself