It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib

Atom And His Package

this guy jeb is from outer space.

he showed me a smelly peacock and he peeled off his face.

so i confronted him, before he could hide.

he looked nervous and asked "atom, wanna go on a space ride?"

the spaceship was ugly it had 17 wheels,

there was a poster of larry bird fucking shaquille o'neal,

there was a QY7 billion, that one that i want,

and in the back ther was a taco bell restaurant,

have you been to the place where i've already gone?

not even a hipster looks good with brand new sneakers on,

the spaceship it goes round and round,

and the alien weirdos go up and down,

we're captured on a carousel of time,

we can't return, we can only look behind

"oh poop" he sed he was visibly upset,

he put down his apple omlette and ejected the diskette,

he sed "the news is not good" he turned green,

there was a giant potato hading towards us on the video screen.

don't worry yourselves doodz, it turned out alright.

im glad i didnt bring my 39 dildo's that night.