On The B-Side

Alisha's Attic

Ooo, the devil
Danced the seven veils
Funny how words fly around
catchin' their tails
Funny you look up
but you still never see
And if I'm high you hold
me down like gravity
Well, I just smile coz
You're not here on the inside
Yeah, I just smile coz
You never flew to the b-sides
So we party on without
you all the time
And I'll let you in a secret
if you tell no-one tonight

Ooo, the devil
Plays behind your back
(and did you know?)
We're gettin' drunk on this
So please just cut us some slack
Funny you look round
But you still never see
That we're in our own world
We wander round happily


(mmm, mmm)