I Don't Believe In You

Air Supply

Who are we to say who we must obey to get much better, ooh to get much better,

Who are we to say there's only one way to read the letter,

A decision to make and here I must be sure it will not break me,

Not a friend in the place to say to my face if I'm right or if I'm wrong

Who are we to say what we must throw away it doesn't matter ooh it doesn't matter

This is for me this is for you it's not inspiring it's not the right thing

I can't accept some things irrespective of how long you tell me

You can make me give in but that's because I'm stronger than I should be.


I don't believe you, I don't believe the things you say

There's another way, I can choose to take

There's another way and it's for me to make

When there's a voice to tell you the choice you will remember ooh you will remember

Know what to take what decisions to make without thinking

I can't accept some things, I never will say yes when I don't mean to

You make me give in but that's because I 'm happy when I'm with you.

(Repeat Chorus)

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