Don't Cha Think

After 7

I'm having fun, but all that I've done

It hasn't always been right

They say I misuse, that I break the rules

But that won't get me uptight

Now they're telling me, what I could

Never be

Always tryin' to bring me down

But I'm so strong, I'll prove them wrong

No matter what they say, I'm telling you

Right now

Don't you think it bothers me

If you think It bothers me

It will never bother me. Oh No!

Oh...oh...oh repeat 3x


I've been around. Been up and down

This roller coaster of life

Now people see what all I achieve

But there are some who still try

To criticize, I don't know why

But I think that it's jealousy

But I was strong and proved them wrong

Cause nothing in the world will ever

Bother me!

repeat chorus 4x

Times are hard but I've got to make it

Tried to bring me down but I had to take it

The road is rough and I'm here to tell ya

I've had enough, not givin up

I never believe the things they say about me

Nothing in life is ever going to stop me

Jealousy, envy, don't want to make an enemy

Keep on, keepin on to the top

No...No...No...No Repeat 4X

Repeat Chorus