Oh, My Dear It's Just Chemical Frustration

Action Action

The time is now, and Im running so thin,
I got thin, I got thin, while others got fat.
So fatten up, and deliver your secrets,
those secrets, those stories untold.
Sorry say that love is a game,
we're all just pawns in the way.
Lost, lost, lost, move the rook-E-eight,
eliminate and get this game underway.
Too many secrets are shattering our lives,
while others are stuck in expansive time.
I've been tring to get out of this goddamn fucking game.
So back it up and up to down, down, downtown,
don't you tell me wrong.
Choose your battle of words,
that rule the world, it's in our heads anyway.
Speak of the devil, and I just may appear,
I appeared in your dream, when you dreamed of getting ahead.
Headless chickens that are missing their exes,
so axe this and go to the next, next chapter.
Self serve friends, who are friends for a second,
I second that notation, it feels so intense?
Intensely fishing without a hook, line, and sinker,
I sank to bottom, we'll bottoms up to you.
Please inject some instand karma in to my instant coffee.
Soon, soon, soon, with the rope in the kitchen,
all the answers will be on there way. Which shall I be,
a warlock or a priest, a pagan, christian or an evangelist?
Pledge my alliance in the name of science,
follow the moth into the fire.
Getting my head in a bit twist.
What does it mattter when your enemies are my friends?