Don't Give A Damn


This song is a solo. This song is explaining my reasons. This song's title should give you a damn good idea what it is good to be like. Aite lets roll.

I was born in 89 my dad rush down to the medical center in a 79 Chevy and adored me for I was his first. / I was a quickie. I was raised up in many Hoods. / Raised in Germany, Guam, Japan, and America. Seen the world seen the worst of the shit seen the best of the shit.

I was raised next to the rap world. I would sit in my room with my friend's dog in my lap listening to Ice cube / and I would walk out and hear all the saps go o look at

Him and all that shit but the really thing I only heard was there jaws flap.

Really you dirty hicks I don't give a damn what you do. Just leave me the fuck alone you are just a quick blick in my life I can flick you away in a light second. I can take a lickin / and you don't you da the shit to take me on so back on down mo fo. I don't give a damn if you are my moms co-worked or the president back the fuck off. You lucky I just don't go off right now.

Whoever you are you came to the wrong place. I don't give a damn who you are to me your a dude that is lame and that ain't got to game. So you a ruining my fame so get packing and don't come on back or ill hack up in a flash don't believe me I won't slash you up then test me.