Doin' Those Raps


Get pissed head into my room tune all da shit out of my life its like I am dead but my pen is movin and my flows are rollin out blowin all da other shit off my shoulders not slowin down for no one. / On a roll with dis shit that I spit. I just got into a fight hit a guy and took off. / Fuck this shit ain't good. Toss it and floss it / it don't matter no its just cake batter that hasn't got baked yet. Its easy as cake once in a while but others it like damn its such a shame my flows aren't comin out. . / My anger is beatin it self onto this paper my feet are doin the beat the heat is rasin turn up the AC attmeptin to hit flows like no tomorrow / Parents bother me. Slam da door shut and go Bitch shut the up up faduh get pissed bang on that door. Feel like forming a gang up get me some help in dis career choice I made. / I release I am in diss for the long haul / Parents tryin to lay down the law. Don't give a damn just rollin/ head of to the club in the dead of night to get my raps out / get up on that stage get booed and I flick the fuckers up with the number 3 finger on both hands don't give a damn man so shut up. / Go back to my band for support. / The pain is growing and not slowin it self. I get pissed I start missin my homework / the rain begans poundin agasit the window. I have gained Noffin for the day. I grabbed my 9 mm and head out get down on my hands and knees in the middle of night the pain is goin my brain is poundin faster and harder on da highway Noffin gone my way / alone with da gun on the middle lane of the highway take ma gun and raise it. Life is no more fun. Pissed but still raise the gun. Put it to my head. / Get a flash back in a flash. See my dog on a leash barkin at a cat. I know I am getin fatter with my bills slowly but surely. Can't stop but still don't care. I remember the pain I'd cause my brain slows down as my mind begans to take over. / Niklas don't do it don't pull it. You take joyful moments to many leave it at that. Put down the gun and go home. / Release its right and do as I might of not thought I'd do go home.