Lost and Found Freestyle 2019 (with Tyler, The Creator & Nigo)

A$AP Rocky , Tyler, The Creator , Nigo

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
Okay, ′kay, 'kay, ′kay, 'kay, 'kay, ′kay, ′kay, 'kay, ′kay, 'kay, okay
A$AP Rocky, niggaPretty Flacko, nigga
A$AP shit, nigga

I just want my credit like I′m Soulja
Camo like Rambo, big draco 'cross the shoulder
I′m fine-tuned on iTunes if you shuffle
Test the boy Le Suess like I came to tune your motor
Motherfuck a mumble rapper, I'd rather be a mogul
Million dollar market deals closin' on my mobile
Keep the grass cut, got a phobia for cobra
Usually low-key, fuck the world when I′m vulgar

Man, I used to listen to that nigga when I was younger
Found out he′s a poser when I got a lil' older
My bitch used to model for the Vogue, but she older
(A truce and a foe), sittin′ 'round watchin′ poker
No buns in the oven, or babies in the stroller
Just guns in the cupboard, and some ladies comin' over
See I′m a pretty boy, manicures with the rollers
And babushkas on the head, like grandmothers and the Roman
Some women throw me bras, some women throw me roses
Might even flash a titty while she on her nigga shoulders

They goin' crazy at my shows, she passed out if I noticed her
(Yeah, we in the buildin' ′til the shit is for foreclosure)
Yeah, we not the same, I ain′t tryna play it like a lame nigga
Switch a gang, switch the beat, like the track that's playin′ (that's playin′)

Ayo (woo, woo)
Bitch, I called you a Uber, and that's the only way I′m giving you payback (yeah)
My shit nasty like that one nigga from A$AP
Been ill since I was 12, was Rocky but ended swell
Now say Tyler, watch these motherfuckers start ringing bells (ding-dong)
'Cause I spit fire, and shit cold, this shit so mean, nice rocks and I get stones
This shit so clean and bright, bold (yeah), the gold got a grip hold
All these Lucky Charms like a thick bowl, the diamonds all appraised (nigga), yeah

Y'all go to Avianne and y′all get a lease in that bitch
My earlobes got them yellow boogers like I sneezed in that bitch (Achoo)
Your 808s is dry, you need to put some grease in that bitch and let it sit, nigga
Fuck what you heard and fuck rap, I make a living off that four-letter word (GOLF)
One-stop shop, nigga, just to sell them shoes
The profit margins lookin′ higher than them airplane views
Y'all getting fucked in your deals, and they share that lube
I push the cum-colored Beamer and the inside blue (skrrt)
I push an Elon too, and the 675, the long tail, like the mane that′s on A$AP Lou
Whips, whips, whips, whips, Kunta started a fight

The 720 ordered, and I still go ride me a bike
But don't follow in yours (nah), Vill behind me in sight (yeah)
My niggas strictly like 9s, like young Mike and his type (pew-pew)
Rip, you better zip that lip and zip up quick
And shit, he′d probably suck my dick then kiss his bitch (mwah)
It's two sides to each coin, I call heads (heads)
Been countin′ so much goddamn coin, my palm red (uh)
I spend it on some books and some diamonds that shed light
And them hoes shine just like the top of a bald head, nigga

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, yeah