Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
45051 Beyonce

(He's) My Man

45052 Ratu Meta


45053 Beverley Mitchell

The Ones Left Behind

45054 Ratu Meta

Sakitnya Luar Dalam

45055 Beyonce


45056 Beverly Knight

Bestseller Mystery

45057 RAIHAN

Sifat 20

45058 Beverley Mitchell


45059 Bette Midler

You'll Never Get Away From Me

45060 Ravil Ravv

Mengalir Saja

45061 Beverly Knight

Come As You Are

45062 Beyonce Feat R Kelly

If I Were A Boy

45063 Beyonce

1+1 (Terjemahan)

45064 Beverley Mitchell

What Am I Doing Here

45065 Bette Midler

You'll Never Know

45066 Beverly Knight

Fallen Soldier

45067 Ray Kahvi


45068 Rayen

Tak Mengerti Cinta

45069 Beverley Mitchell

You Didn't Kiss Me

45070 Beyonce

6 Inch feat. The Weeknd

45071 Bette Midler

You're Moving Out Today

45072 Beverly Knight

Flavour Of The Old School

45073 Beyonce Knowles

'03 Bonnie & Clyde

45074 Beyonce


45075 Beverly Knight

Get Up!

45076 Bette Midler

You've Got To Have Friends

45077 Rayen Pono

Stop Bicara

45078 Beverly Knight


45079 Beyonce Knowles

(He's) My Man

45080 Beyonce

A Woman Like Me

45081 RAIHAN

Sifat-Sifat Nabi

45082 Rayen Pono & Gisel

Hidup Untukmu

45083 RAIHAN


45084 Beyonce Knowles


45085 Beverly Knight

Hurricane Jane

45086 Beyonce

A Woman Like Me (Terjemahan)

45087 Beyonce Knowles


45088 Beverly Knight

Moving On Up (On The Right Side)

45089 Rayola

Kaduri Hati Terambau

45090 Beyonce

After All Is Said And Done (feat. Marc Nelson)

45091 Beyonce Knowles


45092 Beverly Knight

Mutual Feeling

45093 Rayvelin

Lagi-Lagi Tik Tok

45094 Beyonce

All I Could Do Was Cry

45095 RAIHAN

Tak Selamanya

45096 Beyonce

All I Could Do Was Cry (Terjemahan)

45097 Beverly Knight

Not Too Late For Love

45098 Beyonce Knowles

A Woman Like Me

45099 Beverly Knight

Same 'As I Ever Was'

45100 Beyonce Knowles

After All Is Said And Done Feat Marc Nelson

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