Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
226001 Sarah Connor

Living To Love You

226002 Saxon

Need For Speed

226003 Sawyer Brown

Night And Day

226004 Saves the Day

Last Lie I Told

226005 Savage Garden

The Love After Me

226006 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen [Live]

226007 Saxon

Princess Of The Night

226008 Savatage

Mentally Yours

226009 Sarah Brightman

In Pace (English - At Peace)

226010 Saxon

Red Star Falling

226011 Saves the Day


226012 Sawyer Brown

She's An I've Got To Have You Girl

226013 Savage Garden

The Lover After Me

226014 Sara Evans

The Week The River Raged

226015 Sarah Brightman

In Paradisium

226016 Savatage

Midas Knight

226017 Saxon

Rock Is Our Live

226018 Saves the Day

Morning In the Moonlight

226019 Savage Garden

This Side Of Me

226020 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen [Multimedia Track]

226021 Sawyer Brown

Six Days On The Road

226022 Savatage

Miles Away

226023 Saxon

Running For The Border

226024 Sarah Brightman

In Paradisum

226025 Saves the Day

My Sweet Fracture

226026 Sarah Connor

Magic Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)

226027 Saxon

Shadows On The Wall

226028 Savatage

Morning Sun

226029 Sawyer Brown

Small Talk

226030 Sarah McLachlan

Fallen [Radio Mix]

226031 Saves the Day

Nebraska Bricks

226032 Savage Garden

To The Moon & Back

226033 Sarah Brightman

In Paradisum (English - In Heaven)

226034 Saxon

Stand Up And Be Counted

226035 Sara Evans

There's Only One

226036 Savatage

Morphine Child

226037 Saves the Day


226038 Sawyer Brown

Some Girls Do

226039 Saxon

State Of Grace

226040 Saves the Day


226041 Sarah McLachlan


226042 Savage Garden

To The Moon And Back

226043 Sarah Brightman

In The Mandarin's Orchid Garden

226044 Savatage


226045 Saxon

Strong Arm Of The Law

226046 Saves the Day

Peter's Mom

226047 Sawyer Brown


226048 Saxon

The Preacher

226049 Saves the Day


226050 Sawyer Brown

Talkin' Bout You

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