Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
220451 Rosario Flores

Que Bonito

220452 Rosanne Cash

Burn Down This Town

220453 Ronnie Milsap

I Hate You

220454 Rolling Stones

Can't You Hear Me Knockin'

220455 Rosana

Pa' Ti No Estoy

220456 Rod Stewart

I Don't Want to Talk About It (Terjemahan)

220457 Ronan Keating

I Wouldn't Change A Thing

220458 Rosario Flores

Sabor Sabor

220459 Rolling Stones


220460 Rosanne Cash

Change Partners

220461 Rosario Flores

Te Llamo A Gritos

220462 Rosana

Si Tu No Estás

220463 Ronnie Milsap

I Wouldnt Have Missed It For The World

220464 Rosco P. Coldchain F/ Pharrell Williams (Neptunes)


220465 Ronan Keating

I've Got My Heart on You

220466 Rolling Stones

Casino Boogie

220467 Rod Stewart

I Just Got Some (Demo Version)

220468 Rosanne Cash

Closer Than I Appear

220469 Ronnie Milsap

I'm Stand by My Woman Man

220470 Ronan Keating

If I Don't Tell You Now

220471 Rosé


220472 Rosanne Cash

Dreams Are Not My Home

220473 Rolling Stones

Chantilly Lace

220474 Rod Stewart

I Just Got Some - Rod Stewart

220475 Ronnie Milsap

In Love

220476 Rose & The Arrangement

Cochroach That Ate Cincinnati

220477 Ronan Keating

If Tomorrow Never Comes

220478 Rolling Stones

Cherry Oh Baby

220479 Rosanne Cash

God Is In The Roses

220480 Rosé

Gone (Terjemahan)

220481 Rose Falcon

Up Up Up

220482 Ronnie Milsap


220483 Rosanne Cash

Good Intent

220484 Rod Stewart

I Know I'm Losing You

220485 Rolling Stones

Child Of the Moon

220486 Rosé

On The Ground

220487 Ronan Keating

If You Love Me

220488 Ronnie Milsap

It's Almost Like A Song

220489 Rosanne Cash

Hope Against Hope

220490 Rosé

On the Ground (Terjemahan)

220491 Rose Royce

Car Wash

220492 Rolling Stones


220493 Ronan Keating

In Love There Is No Pride

220494 Rosanne Cash

House On The Lake

220495 Rose Tattoo

Astra Wally

220496 Ronnie Milsap

Let My Love Be Your Pillow

220497 Rose Royce

Do Your Dance

220498 Rod Stewart

I Only Have Eyes For You

220499 Rosanne Cash

I Was Watching You

220500 Rosé

On The Ground dan Terjemahan

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