Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
220401 Ronna Reeves

Waitin' For The Phone To Ring

220402 Rooney

I'm Shakin'

220403 Rod Stewart

How Long

220404 Ronan Keating

Hold You Now

220405 Rosana


220406 Ronnie Milsap

Don't You Know How Much I Love You

220407 Rolling Stones

Bye Bye Johnny

220408 Rosanna

Si Pongo Corazon

220409 Rooney

If It Were Up To Me

220410 Rosanna Rocci


220411 Ronna Reeves

We Can Hold Our Own

220412 Rosana

De Los Dos

220413 Rooney

Losing All Control

220414 Ronan Keating

I Believe I Can Fly

220415 Ronnie Milsap


220416 Rod Stewart

I Ain't Superstitious

220417 Rolling Stones

C'mon Everybody

220418 Rosana


220419 Ronna Reeves

What If You're Wrong

220420 Rosana

Donde Ya No Tengo

220421 Rooney


220422 Ronnie Milsap

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby

220423 Rosario Flores


220424 Ronan Keating

I Hope You Dance

220425 Rolling Stones

Can I Get A Witness

220426 Ronna Reeves

You Can't Say (You Don't Love Me Anymore)

220427 Rosana

El Talismán

220428 Rosanne Cash

44 Stories

220429 Rosario Flores

Agua Y Sal

220430 Rooney

Sorry Sorry

220431 Rolling Stones

Can You Hear The Music

220432 Rooney

Stay Away

220433 Ronan Keating

I Love It When We Do

220434 Ronnie Milsap

He Got You

220435 Rosana

Furia De Color

220436 Rod Stewart

I Could Feel The Whole World Turning Round Underneath Me

220437 Rosanne Cash

Beautiful Pain (featuring Sheryl Crow)

220438 Rosario Flores

Como Quieres Que Te Quiera

220439 Rosana


220440 Rolling Stones

Can't Be Seen

220441 Rooney

That Girl Has Love

220442 Rosana

Nadie Mas Que Yo

220443 Rosario Flores


220444 Rolling Stones

Can't Get Next To You

220445 Ronnie Milsap

How Do I Turn You On

220446 Rod Stewart

I Don't Want To Talk About It

220447 Rosanne Cash

Black Cadillac

220448 Rooney

The Floor

220449 Ronan Keating

I Will Miss You

220450 Rosana

No Se Mañana

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