Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
220251 Rolling Stones

Baby, What's Wrong

220252 Rolf Harris

Whiskey On A Sunday

220253 Ronna Reeves

How Could You

220254 Ronnie Day

Ever And After

220255 Ronan Keating

Blown Away

220256 Ronnie Dove

One Kiss For Old Times Sake

220257 Rod Stewart

Girl From The North Country

220258 Rolf Harris

Wild Rover

220259 Ronna Reeves

I Don't Know Nothin' At All

220260 Roger Waters

The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)

220261 Roger Taylor

Where Are You Now

220262 Rolling Stones

Back To Zero

220263 Ronnie Dove

One More Mountain To Climb

220264 Roger Waters

The Womb Bit

220265 Rolling Stones

Backstreet Girl

220266 Ronnie Day

Follow Me

220267 Rolf Harris


220268 Ronna Reeves

I'll Be Faithful To You

220269 Ronnie Dove

Right Or Wrong

220270 Roger Taylor

Working Class Hero

220271 Ronan Keating

Both Sides Now

220272 Roger Waters

Three Wishes

220273 Rod Stewart

Go Out Dancing

220274 Rolling Stones

Beast Of Burden

220275 Roger Waters

Too Much Rope

220276 Ronnie Day


220277 Roger Waters

Towers Of Faith

220278 Ronnie Dove

Say Yourd

220279 Ronna Reeves

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

220280 Roger Waters

Watching TV

220281 Rolling Stones

Beautiful Delilah

220282 Ronnie Dove

When Liking Turns To Loving

220283 Ronna Reeves

Mind Over Matters Of The Heart

220284 Ronan Keating

Brighter Days

220285 Roger Taylor

Young Love

220286 Rod Stewart

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

220287 Ronnie Day

Half Moon Bay

220288 Roger Waters

What God Wants, Part I

220289 Ronna Reeves

My Heart Wasn't In It

220290 Rolling Stones

Before They Make Me Run

220291 Rolling Stones


220292 Roger Waters

What God Wants, Part II

220293 Ronnie Day

Heroes Die

220294 Ronan Keating

Bring You Home

220295 Ronna Reeves

Never Let Him See Me Cry

220296 Ronnie Hawkins

Mary Lou

220297 Rod Stewart

Had Me A Real Good Time

220298 Roger Waters

What God Wants, Part III

220299 Ronnie Day

Jamie Lease

220300 Ronna Reeves

New York Rain

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