Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
212701 Rage

Seven Deadly Sins

212702 Randy Newman

Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad

212703 R. KELLY

Not Feelin The Love

212704 Ramones

California Sun

212705 Rainbow

Temple Of The King

212706 Randy Newman


212707 Radiohead

Like Spinning Plates

212708 Randy Travis

A Gift Of Love

212709 Rancid


212710 Rammstein

Feuer Und Wasser

212711 Randy Rogers Band

Copano Bay

212712 Randy Houser

Back To God

212713 Rage

Shadow Out Of Time

212714 R. KELLY

Not Gonna Hold On

212715 Randy Newman

Burn On

212716 Randy Houser

Boots On

212717 R.E.M.

Orange Crush

212718 Randy Travis

A Heartache In The Works

212719 Ramones

Chain Saw

212720 Rainbow

Terjemahan Aurora Bahasa Inggris

212721 Randy Newman

Christmas In Capetown

212722 Randy Travis F/ Clint Eastwood

Smokin' The Hive

212723 Rancid

Arrested In Shanghai

212724 R. KELLY

Number One

212725 Randy Newman


212726 R.E.M.

Pale Blue Eyes

212727 Randy Rogers Band


212728 Randy Houser

Goodnight Kiss

212729 Radiohead

Like Spinning Plates (Terjemahan)

212730 Ramones


212731 Randy Travis

A Little Bitty Crack In Her Heart

212732 Rage

Shame On You

212733 Randy Rogers Band

Down & Out

212734 Rainbow

The Shed (subtle)

212735 Randy Newman

Davy the Fat Boy

212736 Rammstein


212737 R. KELLY

Number One Hit

212738 Randy Rogers Band

Friends With Benefits

212739 Rancid

Arrested In Shanghi

212740 Randy Houser

Growin' Younger

212741 Randy Travis

A Little Left Of Center

212742 Radiohead

Lotus Flower

212743 R.E.M.


212744 Rammstein

Feurerräder (english -wheels Of Fire)

212745 Randy Newman

Dayton, Ohio - 1903

212746 Randy Travis F/ Kris Kristofferson

Walk Our Own Road

212747 Rage

She Killed And Smiled

212748 Rainbow

The Temple Of The King

212749 Randy Rogers Band

If Anyone Asks

212750 R. KELLY

One Man

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