Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
208301 Primitive Radio Gods

Message From Steven

208302 Primus

Dirty Drowning Man

208303 Primal Fear

Metal Is Forever

208304 Primus


208305 Pretty Ricky

Shorty Be Mine

208306 Primitive Radio Gods


208307 Primal Scream


208308 Perry Como

Un Giorno Dopo l'Altro (One Day Is Like Another)

208309 Primus

Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread

208310 Primal Fear

Nation In Fear

208311 Pretty Ricky

Shorty Will You Be Mine

208312 Primus

Eclectic Electric

208313 Primal Scream

Full Strength Fortified Dub

208314 Primal Fear

Nine Lives

208315 Primitive Radio Gods

Motor Of Joy

208316 Pretty Ricky

So Confused

208317 Perry Como

Unchained Melody

208318 Primus

Electric Electric

208319 Primal Scream

Funky Jam

208320 Primal Fear

Now Or Never

208321 Pretty Ricky


208322 Primitive Radio Gods


208323 Primus

Electric Uncle Sam

208324 Primal Fear

Nuclear Fire

208325 Primal Scream

Gentle Tuesday

208326 Pretty Ricky

Up And Down

208327 Perry Como

Vaya Con Dios( May God Be With You )

208328 Primus


208329 Primal Fear

Play To Kill

208330 Primal Scream

Gimme Gimme Teenage Head

208331 Pretty Ricky

Whatever Will Be

208332 Primitive Radio Gods

Skin Job

208333 Primal Fear

Promised Land

208334 Primus

Fish On

208335 Perry Como

Walk Right Back

208336 Primal Scream

Gimmie Gimme Teenage Head

208337 Pretty Ricky

Your Body

208338 Primus


208339 Primitive Radio Gods

Skin Turns Blue

208340 Primal Fear

Red Rain

208341 Primal Scream

Give Out But Don't Give Up

208342 Pretty Ricky

Your Body [radio Edit]

208343 Primitive Radio Gods

Skins Turn Blue

208344 Primus

Frizzle Fry

208345 Perry Como


208346 Primal Fear

Running In The Dust

208347 Primitive Radio Gods

Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Mo

208348 Primal Scream

Hell's Comin' Down

208349 Primus

Glass Sandwich

208350 Primal Fear

Sacred Illusion

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