Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
204101 Pharoahe Monch

Behind Closed Doors

204102 Phantom Of The Opera

Down Once More

204103 Phantom Planet

Can't Take It

204104 Pete Townshend

I Eat Heavy Metal

204105 PFR

Goldie's Last Day

204106 Pharao


204107 Perry Como

Hearts Will Be Hearts

204108 Petey Pablo

Stick 'Em Up

204109 Pearl Jam

Swallow My Pride

204110 Petra

I Can Be Friends With You

204111 PFR

Great Lengths

204112 Peter Gabriel

Mercy Street

204113 Phantom Of The Opera

Down Once More / Track Down This Murderer

204114 Pharoahe Monch

God Send

204115 Phantom Planet

Do The Panic (live)

204116 Peter Cetera

Still Getting Over You

204117 Perry Como

Hello Young Lovers

204118 Pet Shop Boys


204119 Pharao

Gold In The Pyramid

204120 Pete Townshend

I Want That Thing

204121 Petra

I Love You Lord

204122 Pearl Jam

Sweet Lew

204123 PFR

Home Again

204124 Petey Pablo

Test Of My Faith

204125 Phantom Of The Opera


204126 Peter Gabriel

Modern Love

204127 Petra

I Waited For the Lord On High

204128 Phantom Planet

Don't Get Down

204129 Phantom Of The Opera

I Can Hear You

204130 Perry Como

Hello, Young Lovers (1951 Version)

204131 PFR

I Don't Understand

204132 Peter Cetera

The End Of Camelot

204133 Pharoahe Monch


204134 Pharao

I Can't Wait

204135 Petra

I'm Thankful

204136 Pete Townshend

I Won't Run Any More

204137 Petey Pablo

Truth About Me

204138 Pet Shop Boys

Opportunities (let's Make Lots Of Money)

204139 Pearl Jam

The End

204140 Phantom Planet

Down In A Second

204141 Pharao

I Show You Secrets

204142 Peter Gabriel

More Than This

204143 Phantom Of The Opera

I Remember

204144 PFR

It's You Jesus

204145 Perry Como

Here Comes Heaven ( Again )

204146 PFR

Kingdom Smile

204147 Pharoahe Monch

Intro (Rap)

204148 Petey Pablo

What You Know About It

204149 Pet Shop Boys


204150 Pearl Jam

The Fixer

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