Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
204001 Pearl Jam

Soon Forget (Terjemahan)

204002 PH Factor

Created By Love

204003 Ph8


204004 PH Harvey

This Is Love

204005 Petey Pablo

La Di Da Da Da

204006 Pete Townshend

Hiding Out

204007 Perry Como

Gringo's Guitar

204008 Petra

Father Of Lights

204009 Petula Clark

Never On Sunday

204010 Pet Shop Boys

One And One Make Five

204011 Phantom Of The Opera

All I Ask Of You (Reprise)

204012 Peter Gabriel

Kiss Of Life

204013 Petra

First Love

204014 PFR

Blind Man, Deaf Boy

204015 PH Factor

One Touch

204016 Ph8

I Go Off

204017 Pearl Jam

Speed Of Sound

204018 Petula Clark

Round Every Corner

204019 Petey Pablo

My Goodies

204020 Peter Cetera

Save Me

204021 PH Factor

Stairway To Heaven

204022 Pete Townshend

Holly Like Ivy

204023 PFR

By Myself

204024 Perry Como

Happiness Comes, Happiness Goes

204025 Petey Pablo

My Testimony

204026 Phantom Of The Opera

Angel Of Music

204027 Petra

For All You're Worth

204028 PH Factor


204029 Pet Shop Boys

One In A Million

204030 Petula Clark

Sign Of The Times

204031 Peter Gabriel

Kiss That Frog

204032 Pearl Jam

Spin The Black Circle

204033 Phantom Planet

All Over Again

204034 Petey Pablo

Part 2

204035 PFR

Didn't He

204036 Perry Como

Happy Man

204037 Phantom Of The Opera

Bravo Monsieur

204038 Petra

For Annie

204039 Pete Townshend

How To Transcend Duality And Influence People

204040 Peter Cetera


204041 Phantom Planet

Always On My Mind

204042 Petula Clark

The Boy From Ipanema

204043 Pet Shop Boys

One More Chance

204044 Peter Gabriel

Lay Your Hands On Me

204045 Pharao

Back Home Again

204046 Petey Pablo

Petey Pablo

204047 PFR

Do You Want to Know Love

204048 Perry Como

Haunted Heart

204049 Petula Clark

The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener

204050 Pearl Jam

State Of Love And Trust

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