Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
203751 Peter Maffay

Sonne In Der Nacht

203752 Perry Como

Far Away Places

203753 Peter Schilling

Major Tom (english)

203754 Peter Maffay


203755 Peter Schilling

Major Tom (german)

203756 Pete Townshend

Face The Face

203757 Peter Cetera

If You Leave Me Now

203758 Peter Thorogood


203759 Peter Frampton

So Hard To Believe

203760 Peter Maffay


203761 Pet Shop Boys

Left To My Own Devices

203762 Peter Stuart

Bring You Back

203763 Pearl Jam

Ramblings I

203764 Perry Como


203765 Peter Gabriel

Don't Give Up

203766 Pete Townshend

Fake It

203767 Peter Stuart

Here I Am Here

203768 Peter Cetera

Ivy Covered Walls

203769 Peter Stuart


203770 Perry Como

First Class Private Mary Brown

203771 Pearl Jam

Ramblings II

203772 Pete Townshend

Fast Food

203773 Pet Shop Boys


203774 Peter Tosh

Brand New Second Hand

203775 Peter, Paul & Mary

A Soalin'

203776 Peter Frampton

Talk To Me

203777 Peter Maffay


203778 Peter Gabriel

Down The Dolce Vita

203779 Peter Stuart

Lets Get Lost

203780 Perry Como

Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)

203781 Peter Gabriel

Excuse Me

203782 Peter Van Steeden


203783 Peter Stuart

Propeller Girl

203784 Pearl Jam

Ramblings III

203785 Peter Tosh

Buk-in Hamm Palace

203786 Peter Cetera

Livin' In The Limelight

203787 Peter, Paul & Mary

Blowin' In The Wind

203788 Pet Shop Boys

Liberation (e Smoove 12" Mix)

203789 Peter Maffay

Und Es War Sommer

203790 Pete Townshend


203791 Peter Frampton


203792 Perry Como


203793 Peter Stuart

Roll Me Over

203794 Peter Maffay

Wo Bist Du?

203795 Peter, Paul & Mary

Children Go Where I Send Thee

203796 Peter Tosh


203797 Peter Stuart

Songs About You

203798 Peter Gabriel


203799 Pete Townshend


203800 Peter, Paul & Mary

Day Is Done

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