Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
201751 Paul Stanley

Everytime I See You Around

201752 Paul Simon

Another Galaxy

201753 Paul Van Dyk


201754 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

At The Zoo

201755 Patty Loveless

Last In A Long Lonesome Line

201756 Paul McCartney

Back In The Sunshine Again

201757 Patty Griffin

Pa Janvier

201758 Paul Revere & The Raiders

Too Much Talk

201759 Paul Brandt

There's A World Out There

201760 Paul Van Dyk


201761 Pat Benatar


201762 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

201763 Paul Simon

Armistice Day

201764 Patty Loveless

Like Water Into Wine

201765 Patty Griffin

Peter Pan

201766 Paul Revere & The Raiders

Ups And Downs

201767 Paul Stanley


201768 Paul McCartney

Back In The U.S.S.R.

201769 Pat Benatar

Strawberry Wine

201770 Paul Brandt

There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do

201771 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel


201772 Patty Loveless

Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

201773 Paul Van Dyk

Like A Friend

201774 Patty Griffin

Poor Man's House

201775 Paul Simon


201776 Patty Loveless

Lonely Too Long

201777 Paul Van Dyk


201778 Paul Brandt

Virgil And The Holy Ghost

201779 PAUL WALL

Am What I Am (feat. Poppy, Slim Thug)

201780 Paul Stanley

Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart)

201781 Patty Griffin

Railroad Wings

201782 Paul McCartney

Band On The Run

201783 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Dangling Conversation

201784 Paul Van Dyk

Times Of Our Lives

201785 Patty Loveless

Long Stretch Of Lonesome

201786 Paul Simon


201787 Pat Benatar

Strawberry Wine (DVD)

201788 PAUL WALL

Break Bread (feat. Lew Hawk, Gu-U)

201789 Paul Brandt

Warm Sunny Beaches

201790 Patty Loveless

Lookin' For Heartache

201791 Paul McCartney

Can't Buy Me Love

201792 Patty Griffin


201793 Paul Van Dyk

We Are Alive

201794 Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel

Fakin' It

201795 Paul Simon

Born At The Right Time

201796 Paul Stanley

It's Alright

201797 Pat Benatar

Strawberry Wine (Life Is

201798 Paul Brandt

We Are The One

201799 PAUL WALL

Chick Magnet (feat. Danie Marie)

201800 Patty Loveless

Looking In The Eyes Of Love

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