Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
201601 Paul Brandt

Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)

201602 Paul De Leeuw

Ik heb je nodig

201603 Pat Benatar

Run Between The Raindrops

201604 Patty Loveless

I Don't Want To Feel Like That

201605 Patty Griffin

Making Pies

201606 Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra

Love Is Blue

201607 Paul Lekakis

Boom Boom Boom (let's Go Back To My Room)

201608 Paul De Leeuw

Ja, Jij

201609 Paul Brandt

Really And Truly

201610 Patty Loveless

I Just Wanna Be Loved By You

201611 Patty Griffin


201612 Pat Benatar

Run Between The Raindrops (Live)

201613 Paul Brandt

Run Run Rudolph

201614 Paul McCartney

3 Legs

201615 Pat Benatar


201616 Paul De Leeuw


201617 Patty Loveless

I Miss Who I Was (With You)

201618 Patty Griffin

Mil Besos

201619 Paul McCartney & Wings

Beware My Love

201620 Paul Brandt

Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy

201621 Paul De Leeuw

Je bent m'n maatje tot aan het gaat

201622 Pat Benatar

Sex As A Weapon

201623 Paul McCartney Featuring Wings

Medicine Jar

201624 Paul McCartney & Wings

Cafe On The Left Bank

201625 Patty Loveless

I Try To Think About Elvis

201626 Paul McCartney

A Certain Softness

201627 Patty Griffin

Mil Besos (1,000 Kisses)

201628 Paul Brandt

Scrap Piece Of Paper

201629 Pat Benatar

Sex As A Weapon (DVD)

201630 Patty Loveless

I Wanna Believe

201631 Patty Griffin


201632 Paul McCartney

About You

201633 Paul De Leeuw

Kl 204

201634 Paul McCartney & Wings

Let Em In

201635 Paul McCartney & Wings

Maybe I'm Amazed

201636 Paul De Leeuw

Kom Wat Dichterbij

201637 Pat Benatar

Sex Is A Weapon

201638 Paul McCartney

After The Ball/million Miles

201639 Paul Brandt

Silent Night

201640 Paul Petersen

Corinna Corinna

201641 Patty Loveless

I Won't Gamble With Your Love

201642 Paul Revere & The Raiders

Birds Of A Feather

201643 Paul Oakenfold

Get Out Of My Life Now

201644 Paul Nicholas

Heaven On The 7th Floor

201645 Paul McCrane

Is It Okay If I Call You Mine

201646 Patty Griffin

Mother Of God

201647 Paul De Leeuw


201648 Pat Benatar

Sex Is A Weapon (DVD)

201649 Paul McCartney

Again And Again And Again

201650 Patty Loveless

I'll Never Grow Tired Of You

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