Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
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201451 Patsy Cline

You Belong To Me

201452 Paul Brandt

Calm Before The Storm

201453 Patty Loveless

Draggin' My Heart Around

201454 Paul Colman Trio

I Dream

201455 Paul Anka

I Miss You So

201456 Paul Colman

Last Night In America

201457 Patty Griffin


201458 Pat Benatar

Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss

201459 Patsy Cline

You Made Me Love You

201460 Paul Davis

Cool Night

201461 Paul Colman Trio

Let Love Grow

201462 Paul Brandt

Chain Reaction

201463 Patsy Cline

You Took Him Off My Hands

201464 Patty Griffin

Getting Ready

201465 Pat Benatar

Pictures Of A Gone World

201466 Paul Davis

Cool Nights

201467 Paul Colman

My Brother Jack

201468 Patty Loveless

Dreamin' My Dreams

201469 Paul Anka

I Never Knew Your Name

201470 Paul Colman Trio

Love Me More

201471 Paul Brandt

Cry If You Want To

201472 Patty Griffin

Go Now

201473 Patty Loveless

Everybody's Equal In The Eyes Of Love

201474 Paul Davis

Do Right

201475 Pat Benatar

Please Come Home For Christmas

201476 Patsy Cline

You're Stronger Than Me

201477 Paul Colman

Nothing Without You

201478 Paul Colman Trio


201479 Paul Brandt

Dry Eye

201480 Patty Griffin


201481 Paul Anka

It's Time To Cry

201482 Paul Davis

I Go Crazy

201483 Paul Colman

Sweet River

201484 Patsy Cline

Your Kinda Love

201485 Patty Loveless

Everything But The Words

201486 Pat Benatar

Please Don't Leave Me

201487 Patty Griffin

Half A Person

201488 Paul Davis


201489 Paul Brandt

I Believe You

201490 Paul Colman Trio


201491 Paul Anka

Let The Bells Keep Ringing

201492 Patty Griffin

Heavenly Day

201493 Patty Loveless

Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad

201494 Paul Colman

Symphony Of The Redeemed

201495 Pat Benatar

Precious Time

201496 Paul Brandt

I Do

201497 Paul Anka

Lonely Boy

201498 Paul Colman Trio

Selfish Song

201499 Paul Davis

Sweet Life

201500 Patty Loveless

Feelings Of Love

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