Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
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201401 Pat Benatar

Out Of The Ruins

201402 Paul Carrack

Don't Shed A Tear

201403 Patty Smyth

Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough

201404 Paul Brandt

A Little In Love

201405 Paul Anka

Goodnight My Love

201406 Patty Loveless

Can't Stop Myself From Loving You

201407 Patty Griffin


201408 Pat Benatar

Out of Touch

201409 Paul Carrack

Don't Shed A Tear For Me

201410 Patsy Cline

When I Get Thru With You

201411 Patty Smyth

Too Much Love

201412 Paul Anka

Goodnight My Lovepa

201413 Paul Carrack

Eyes Of Blue

201414 Patty Griffin

Every Little Bit

201415 Pat Benatar


201416 Patty Loveless


201417 Paul Brandt

A Love That Strong

201418 Paul Carrack

For Once In Our Lives

201419 Paul Colman


201420 Patsy Cline

When You Need A Laugh

201421 Pat Benatar

Outlaw Blues

201422 Paul Anka

Hello, Young Lovers

201423 Patty Griffin

Falling Down

201424 Patty Loveless

Cheap Whiskey

201425 Paul Carrack

One Good Reason

201426 Paul Brandt

A Star Is Born

201427 Paul Colman

Gloria (All God's Children)

201428 Patty Griffin

Flaming Red

201429 Pat Benatar

Painted Desert

201430 Patsy Cline

Who Can I Count On

201431 Paul Colman Trio


201432 Patty Loveless

Christmas Time's A Comin'

201433 Paul Carrack


201434 Paul Anka

Hold Me Till The Morning Comes

201435 Paul Colman

Holding On To You

201436 Paul Brandt

Add 'Em All Up

201437 Patty Griffin


201438 Pat Benatar

Painted Desert (DVD)

201439 Patsy Cline

Why Can't He Be You

201440 Patty Loveless

Daniel Prayed

201441 Paul Carrack

Satisfy My Soul

201442 Paul Colman Trio

Fill My Cup

201443 Paul Anka

I Love You In The Same Old Way

201444 Paul Colman

I Owe It All

201445 Paul Brandt

All Over Me

201446 Patty Loveless

Don't Toss Us Away

201447 Patty Griffin


201448 Patsy Cline

Yes, I Understand

201449 Paul Colman

I'm Coming Home

201450 Pat Benatar

Papa's Roses

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