Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
201301 Patty Loveless F/ Rebecca Lynn Howard

Little Drummer Boy

201302 Patti LaBelle

Shoe Was on the Other Foot

201303 Patty Loveless

A Little On The Lonely Side

201304 Patsy Cline


201305 Patty Griffin

Calling Me Home

201306 Pat Benatar

New Dream Islands (Session Outtake)

201307 Patsy Cline

Sweet Dreams

201308 Patty Loveless

A Thousand Times A Day

201309 Patti LaBelle


201310 Patty Loveless

After All

201311 Patti LaBelle

Someone Just Like You

201312 Patty Griffin

Carry Me

201313 Patsy Cline

Sweet Dreams (of You)

201314 Pat Benatar

No You Don't

201315 Patty Loveless

All I Need (Is Not To Need You)

201316 Patty Loveless F/ Travis Tritt

Out Of Control Raging Fire

201317 Patti LaBelle

Someone Like You

201318 Patty Griffin

Cat's Out Of The Bag

201319 Pat Benatar

One Love

201320 Patsy Cline

That Wonderful Someone

201321 Patty Loveless

Away In A Manger

201322 Patty Loveless F/ Travis Tritt


201323 Patti LaBelle

Something More

201324 Patsy Cline

The Wayward Wind

201325 Patty Griffin

Catherine's Magic Stone

201326 Patsy Cline

Then You'll Know

201327 Patty Loveless

Baby's Gone Blues

201328 Pat Benatar

One Love (DVD)

201329 Patti LaBelle

Sometimes Love

201330 Patty Loveless

Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

201331 Patsy Cline

There He Goes

201332 Patty Smyth

I Should Be Laughing

201333 Patty Griffin


201334 Patty Loveless F/ Vince Gill

My Kind Of Woman / My Kind Of Man

201335 Paul Anka

Adam And Eve

201336 Pau T

China In Your Hands

201337 Patsy Cline

Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray

201338 Pat Benatar

One Love (Song For The Lion)

201339 Paul Anka

Anytime (I'll Be There)

201340 Paul And Ryan


201341 Patty Smyth

Look What Love Has Done

201342 Paul & Paula

Hey Paula

201343 Pat Benatar

One Love (Song Of The Lion)

201344 Patti LaBelle

Stir It Up

201345 Patty Loveless

Big Chance

201346 Paul Anka

Crazy Love

201347 Patty Griffin


201348 Patsy Cline

Today, Tomorrow, And Forever

201349 Patty Smyth

Make Me A Believer

201350 Paul Anka & Odia Coates

Having My Baby (You're)

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