Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
201251 Pat Benatar

Lookin' For A Stranger

201252 Patti Page

Poor Man's Roses

201253 Patty Griffin

Be Careful

201254 Patti Smith

Dancing Barefoot

201255 Patti LaBelle


201256 Patsy Cline

Lovesick Blues

201257 Pat Benatar

Looking For A Stranger

201258 Papa Roach

World Around You

201259 Patti Page

So In Love

201260 Patty Griffin

Big Daddy

201261 Patsy Cline

Right Or Wrong

201262 Patti Page

Tennessee Waltz

201263 Patti LaBelle

More Than Material

201264 Pat Benatar

Love In The Ice Age

201265 Patti Smith

Piss Factory

201266 Patty Griffin

Blue Sky

201267 Patti LaBelle

My Love, Sweet Love

201268 Patti Page

What A Dream

201269 Patsy Cline

Seven Lonely Days

201270 Pat Benatar

Love Is A Battlefield

201271 Patty Griffin


201272 Patti Smith

Pissing In A River

201273 Patti LaBelle

New Attitude

201274 Pat Benatar

Love Is A Battlefield (Demo Version)

201275 Patti Page

With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming

201276 Patty Griffin


201277 Patsy Cline

She's Got You

201278 Patti LaBelle

New Day

201279 Pat Benatar

Love Is A Battlefield (DVD)

201280 Patty Griffin

Breaking Up Somebody's Home

201281 Patti Page

Would I Love You (love You, Love You)

201282 Patti Smith

Summer Cannibals

201283 Patsy Cline

So Wrong

201284 Pat Benatar

Love Is A Battlefield (Single Version)

201285 Patty Griffin

Bubba's Sulky Lounge

201286 Patti LaBelle

Not Right But Real

201287 Patsy Cline


201288 Patti Smith

The Jackson Song

201289 Patty Griffin

Buck Naked Heart

201290 Pat Benatar

Medley: I Want Out/We Live For Love/Hell Is For Children

201291 Patti LaBelle

Oh, People

201292 Patsy Cline

South Of The Border

201293 Patty Griffin

Burgundy Shoes

201294 Patty Loveless

A Handful Of Dust

201295 Pat Benatar

My Clone Sleeps Alone

201296 Patti LaBelle

On My Own

201297 Patsy Cline

Stop The World And Let Me Off

201298 Patty Loveless

A Little Bit In Love

201299 Pat Benatar

Never Wanna Leave You

201300 Patty Griffin


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