Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
154451 Kimya Dawson


154452 King Missle

Cheesecake Truck

154453 King Missle

Detachable Penis

154454 King's Singers

For The Longest Time

154455 King Diamond

Sleepless Nights

154456 King Missile

Detachable Penis (spoken)

154457 Johnny Cash

The City Of New Orleans (With June Carter Cash)

154458 King Tee

Bust Dat Ass

154459 Kim Wilde

Sing It Out For Love

154460 King's Singers

Loch Lomond

154461 Kid Rock

With A One Two

154462 King Missle


154463 Kimya Dawson

Great Crap

154464 King Missile


154465 King Diamond

Spare This Life (intro)

154466 King Tee


154467 Kimya Dawson

Hadlock Padlock

154468 King Diamond

The 7th Day Of July 1777

154469 King Missle


154470 King's Singers

Lonesome Road

154471 Johnny Cash

The Cremation Of Sam McGee

154472 King Diamond

The Family Ghost

154473 King Missle

Fluting On The Hump

154474 King's Singers

Strawberry Fields Forever

154475 King Diamond

The Possession

154476 Kim Wilde


154477 King Missile


154478 Kid Rock

Ya Keep On

154479 King Tee

Freestyle Ghetto

154480 Kimya Dawson

Happy Home (Keep On Writing)

154481 King Missle

Frightened And Freezing

154482 King Diamond

The Storm

154483 Kimya Dawson

Hold My Hand

154484 Johnny Cash

The Devil To Pay

154485 Kid Rock

Yo Da Lin In The Valley

154486 King Tee

Got It Locked (video Edit)

154487 King Missile

Frightened And Freezing

154488 King's X

Not Just For The Dead

154489 King Missle

Gary And Melissa

154490 Kim Wilde

Stay Awhile

154491 Kimya Dawson

I Like Bears

154492 King Tee

King Tee's Beer Stand

154493 King Missile

Gary & Melissa

154494 Kimya Dawson

I Like Giants

154495 Johnny Cash

The Evening Train

154496 King Missle

Heavy Holy Man

154497 King's X

Out Of The Silent Planet

154498 Kingdom Come


154499 King Tee

Ko Rock Stuff

154500 Kimya Dawson

I Love You Sweet Baby

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