Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
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151751 KELIS

Caught you out there

151752 Katy Perry

The One That Got Away

151753 Kelly Clarkson

Already Gone

151754 Keane

Pretend That You're Alone

151755 Kelly Llorena

This Time I Know Its For Real

151756 Kelly Family

First Time

151757 Kelly Osbourne


151758 Katy Perry

The One that Got Away dan Terjemahan

151759 Keith Urban

Homespun Love

151760 Kelly Marie

Hot Love

151761 Kelly Clarkson

Already Gone (Terjemahan)

151762 Katy Perry

Thinking Of You

151763 Johnny Cash

Oh, Bury Me Not (Introduction: A Cowboy's Prayer)

151764 Kelly Osbourne

Come Dig Me Out

151765 Kelly Family

I can't help myself

151766 Kelly Price

A Lil Sumn-Sumn

151767 Kelly Clarkson

Already Gone dan Terjemahan

151768 KELIS


151769 Kelly Family

I will be your bride

151770 Kelly Osbourne featuring Ozzy Osbourne


151771 Kelly Price


151772 Keith Urban

I Can't Stop Loving You

151773 Katy Perry

This Is How We Do

151774 Kelly Family


151775 Kelly Clarkson


151776 Kelly Osbourne


151777 Kelly Price

Ain't Nobody

151778 Keane

Put It Behind You

151779 Kelly Clarkson


151780 Kelly Family


151781 Katy Perry

This Is How We Do (Terjemahan)

151782 Kelly Price & Shawn Smith

Soul Of A Woman (interlude)

151783 Keith Urban

I Could Fly

151784 Kelly Price

All I Want Is You

151785 Kelly Clarkson


151786 Kellie Pickler


151787 Katy Perry

This Moment

151788 Kelly Price F/ Aaron Hall

Love Sets You Free

151789 Kelly Osbourne


151790 Kelly Family


151791 Johnny Cash

Oh, Lonesome Me (#13 Country / #93 Pop)

151792 Keith Urban

I Never Work On A Sunday

151793 Kelly Osbourne


151794 Kelly Clarkson

Anytime (Kelly Clarkson)

151795 Kelly Price

And You Don't Stop

151796 Kelly Family

Why Why Why

151797 Katy Perry

Tommie Sunshine's Megasix Smash Up

151798 Johnny Cash

Oh, Lonesome Me [Overdubbed Master]

151799 Keith Urban

I Thought You Knew

151800 Keane

Run With Me

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