Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
14301 All Stars

On The Line

14302 All Star United

Bright Red Carpet

14303 Alkaline Trio

Over At The Frankenstein Place

14304 Demy

Edan Turun

14305 All Saints

Always Something There To Remind Me

14306 Alicia Keys

This Bed

14307 DELON


14308 Alice Cooper

Love's A Loaded Gun

14309 All 4 One


14310 All Star United


14311 Alkaline Trio


14312 DELON

Kokoronotomo (Feat. Mayumi Itsuwa)

14313 Alicia Keys

Through It All

14314 All 4 One

Something About You

14315 All Star United

Everything Will Be Alright

14316 Alkaline Trio

Prevent This Tragedy

14317 Alice Cooper


14318 All That Remains

And Death In My Arms

14319 Alicia Keys

Time Machine

14320 DELON

Ku Akan Pergi

14321 All 4 One

The Bomb

14322 All Star United

Hang On

14323 Alkaline Trio

Private Eye

14324 Demy


14325 DELON

Ku Kecewa

14326 Alicia Keys


14327 All Saints


14328 Den


14329 All That Remains

Focus Shall Not Fail

14330 Demy

Kanggo Riko

14331 All 4 One

The Christmas Song

14332 Alice Cooper

Luney Tune

14333 Alan Jackson

Tonight I Climbed The Wall

14334 Demy

Kembang Pungkasan

14335 Alicia Keys

Troubles (J Jay And Chris Lum Bootleg Mix) (Bonus Track)

14336 Den

Semudah Itu

14337 All 4 One

The First Noel

14338 Alkaline Trio

Queen Of Pain

14339 All Star United

I Need You Now

14340 DELON


14341 Demy

Kesekso Kangen

14342 All That Remains

For Salvation

14343 All 4 One

These Arms

14344 All Saints

Black Coffee

14345 Alice Cooper

Make That Money (Scrooge's Song)

14346 Alkaline Trio


14347 All That Remains

I Die In Degrees

14348 All Star United

If We Were Lovers

14349 Alicia Keys

Troubles (J-Jay & Chris Lum Bootleg Mix)

14350 All That Remains


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