Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
142201 John Mayer

Everyday I have The Blues dan Terjemahan

142202 John Hiatt

Georgia Rae

142203 Jolie & The Wanted


142204 Janet Jackson


142205 John Fogerty

In the Garden

142206 Joji

i don't need to know (Terjemahan)

142207 Jimi Hendrix

Power To Love

142208 Johnny Hates Jazz

What Other Reason


It Don't Have to Change [DVD] - John Legend,

142210 John Waite

For Your Love

142211 Johnny Paycheck

She's All I Got

142212 John Hiatt

Getting Excited

142213 Elvis Presley

Steadfast Loyal And True

142214 John Lennon

I Don't Want To Be A Soldier

142215 Joji

i Don’t Need to Know

142216 John Fogerty

Jambalaya (on The Bayou)

142217 Jimmy Buffett

Kick It In Second Wind

142218 Jolson Al

California, Here I Come

142219 Joji

I Don’t Wanna Waste My Time (Terjemahan)

142220 John Denver

Daddy, What's A Train?

142221 Janet Jackson

Put Your Hands On

142222 Johnny Cash

25 Minutes To Go

142223 Elvis Presley

Steadfast Loyal And True (Alternate Master)

142224 Jimmy Buffett

King Of Somewhere Hot

142225 Jamiroquai

Revolution 1993

142226 John Denver

Dance Little Jean

142227 JOJO Written By:Felicia Rhodes

Leave-Get Out

142228 Jewel

Everybody Needs Someone Sometime

142229 Jolie Holland

Adieu False Heart

142230 Hit The Lights

Talk Us Down

142231 Jojo

Anything dan Terjemahan

142232 Johnny Mathis

I Look At You


One Step At A Time

142234 JA RULE

Thug Luvin’

142235 Incubus

Pendulous Threads

142236 Elvis Presley

Steadfast, Loyal and True (undubbed master)

142237 Janet Jackson

Put Your Hands On (Previously Unreleased)

142238 Johnny Kemp

Urban Times Medley

142239 John Hiatt

Girl On A String

142240 Jon And Vangelis

Back To School

142241 Jolie Holland

All the Morning Birds


One Step At A Time (Terjemahan)

142243 Jesus and Mary Chain

Sometimes Always

142244 Johnny Rivers

It's Too Late

142245 Jewel

Everything Reminds Me Of You

142246 Jimmy Buffett

Kinja Rules

142247 Jolie & The Wanted

I Would

142248 Jethro Tull

Nothing Is Easy

142249 Jon Anderson & Vangelis

I Hear You Now

142250 Joji

I? Don't Wanna Waste My Time

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