Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia

Lirik Lagu Terlengkap di Indonesia
# Artis Lagu
120501 Grateful Dead

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

120502 Halifax

Ten Fingers Isn't Quite Enough

120503 Gwen Stefani

Early Winter

120504 Hannah Jones

You Only Have To Say You Love Me

120505 Graham Coxon

Hurt Prone

120506 Green Day

Geek Stink Breath dan terjemahan

120507 Hannah Montana

I Learned From You

120508 Hammerfall

Dreams Come True

120509 EMINEM

Monkey See, Monkey Do

120510 Halsey

Experiment On Me (Terjemahan)

120511 Guttermouth

Old Glory

120512 Ella Fitzgerald

One I Love


Terlambat Sudah

120514 H-Blockx

You're The One

120515 Greyson Chance

Leila (Terjemahan)

120516 Handsome Devil

Hello Somebody

120517 Hank Williams

Hnky Tonkin'

120518 Guster

The Beginning Of The End

120519 Haggard

Of A Might Divine

120520 Hamlet


120521 Gorillaz

Ever Planet We Reach Is Dead

120522 Hank Williams Jr.

Ballad Of Hank Williams

120523 Halford

In The Morning (japan Only)

120524 Halifax

The Next Two Weeks

120525 Hannah Montana

I Miss You

120526 Eric Clapton

Passing The Time

120527 Guided By Voices


120528 Gary Numan

The 1930's Rust

120529 Gabrielle Aplin

Panic Cord

120530 Handsome Devil

I Fall Down

120531 Guster

The Captain

120532 Genesis

Turn It On Again

120533 Greyson Chance

Light Up The Dark

120534 Hanne Haller

Vater Unser

120535 Goo Goo Dolls

I'll Be

120536 Gwar

School's Out

120537 Guided By Voices

Chasing Heather Crazy

120538 Elvis Presley

I Beg of You (alt. take 5)

120539 Guttermouth


120540 Halsey

Eyes Closed

120541 Green Day

Geek Stink Breath [Album Version]

120542 Hannah Montana

I'm Still Good

120543 Hank Williams Jr.

Been There, Done That

120544 Hank Snow

Any Old Time


Waktunya Sendiri

120546 Eric Clapton

Pearly Queen

120547 Ella Fitzgerald

One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)

120548 Haggard

Origin Of A Cristal Soul

120549 Halifax

Tuesday's Waiting

120550 Guster

The New Underground

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